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How To Set Up Your Treasure Fan Frameless Wall Clock!

How To Set Up Your Treasure Fan Frameless Wall Clock!


Congratulations on your new frameless clock purchase! Within minutes, you will have a new beautiful clock to display. These clocks are super easy to set up and you'll have a great time with this quick DIY project!


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Here are the instructions for how to set up your frameless clock from Treasure Fan:

Step 1 

Fix your preferred hook on the wall. We recommend using a hook that you have purchased for the best customization! 

Step 2  

Hang the clock plate to the hook (peel off the sticker before installation)

Step 3 

Cover the clock with the auxiliary paper scale, as to the scale, stick the figure at the right site.

Step 4 

Peel off the paper from the back of the acrylic mirror, this will stick to the wall! Make sure to peel off the plastic from the front of the pieces so your clock will be extra shiny. :) 

Step 5 

Press the hour hand onto the clock axes by two thumbs, align the 12 o'clock position

Step 6 

Fix the minute hand in the same way

Step 7 

Tighten the nuts 

Step 8 

Install an AA battery, adjusted the time hanging on the wall. WELL DONE!




1.     We recommend NORMAL AA batteries, not high-powered batteries or rechargeable. The clock movement is very subtle, so ordinary AA batteries will work the best! 

2.     This product is suitable for smooth walls. Wall paper or textured painted walls will reduce the stickiness.

3.     This product uses a special glue to hold your clock on the wall. If you need to rearrange your clock or take down, simply heat the glue with a blow dryer for best removal. 

4.     The clock movement has great precision! Use the paper included to fix the pieces and when installed firmly, clock will remain accurate. 

5.     Clean the product, do not scrub with a hard object, use lens cleaning cloth moistened with water to wipe, do not add any soap when cleaning.

6.     This product is DIY product so it's totally customizable! The best result on the wall is diameter 90-100cm, you can paste a larger or smaller as your preference.



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