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If you’ve ever described yourself as a “dog person,” you’ll love this collection by Treasure Fan. Explore our various pieces of puppy themed jewelry, dog clothes, dog toys, puppy themed home furnishings, dog accessories, and gifts for the proud puppy parent in your life. We are proud and excited to offer a wide variety of dog themed items at prices that you won’t believe.

As a dog owner, your pup’s safety is your top priority. However, is your dog protected on those car rides to the vet, the park, or the groomer? Give your pet the protection they deserve and give yourself peace of mind with our Safety First Pet Seat Belt! If you take your pet’s safety seriously, this dog seat belt is perfect for you because it keeps your furriest family member safe as you travel. The dog seat belt keeps your pet in one lace to prevent moving around the car, which can be very dangerous. Simply clip one end of the dog seat belt to your pit and the other end to the seatbelt, and you’re good to go! This dog seat belt is adjustable and comfortable, and it has been designed from high quality materials for lasting durability. There are also tons of colors to choose from, so you can pick the perfect match for your car’s decor and your personal style.

If you plan to drive with your pooch for long periods of time, you should also check out our cute and functional Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs and Cats. This cover is the simple solution to help keep your pet comfortable while keeping your car clean from shedding fur, dirt, water, and any accidents that can occur.

Who doesn’t love puppies? If you use the terms “pupper,” “doggo,” or “doge,” in your day to day life, we have the perfect collection of treasures to explore that will help you express your love for dogs without breaking the bank.

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