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The moon evokes feelings of mystery and power, and the moon has many different meanings across different cultures. The phases of the moon are dynamic and ever changing, much like our lives here on Earth. Perhaps you feel a connection to the moon and all of its strength and energy, or perhaps you love the moon because of its peaceful and calm existence in the night sky. Regardless of your reasons behind wanting to incorporate the moon into your wardrobe, we have exactly what you’re looking for here at Treasure Fan. We’ve hand picked each of these pieces on the basis of quality, value, and beauty to ensure that we’re providing only the best for our customers.

If you love a good deal, our 3 Pack of Glowing Moon and Heart Silver Plates Necklace is the epitome of value. One low price will get you 3 of these gorgeous moon necklaces in a variety of colors so you’ll have one for every outfit. These glowing pendants on this moon necklace are sure to add life and interest to any outfit. If simplicity and effortless beauty are more your style, check our our Crescent Moon and Sun Charm Necklace. This understated and gorgeous moon necklace hands on a long black leather chain, adding a little bit of edge to your outfit. You can also switch out the leather chain for a metal one to change up the overall appearance of the necklace, depending on the look you’re going for.

We also recommend checking out the Triple Moon Goddess Pendant Necklace because it is a simply gorgeous ode to the moon that is sure to receive many compliments. The soft colors and high quality materials are sure to impress any space lover. If you’re after something that makes a serious statement, take a look at our Pentacle of Power. Perhaps rings are more your style. If this is the case, check out our premium quality stainless steel Triple Moon Goddess Rings. They won’t tarnish and are sure to last a lifetime! We are certain that you’ll love these treasures, as certain as the moon rising in the night sky.

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